What is Web3me?

Web3me: Revolutionizing Digital Identity for Crypto Enthusiasts and NFT Collectors. Web3me is a digital identity toolkit designed to boost your personal brand by allowing you to prove anything on-chain:

  • Your NFTs and crypto assets.
  • Smart contracts & people you’ve worked with.
  • Transaction history.

Main Focus

  • Interoperability: Your Web3me is a Dynamic NFT, minted to your wallet. Every piece of information you add is a property of this NFT. It can be integrated in any dapp.

  • Autonomy: You decide what information to add in your web3me, pick only those NFTs and insights that you want to be displayed. Edit them at any time.

  • Enhanced Engagement: Our user-centric design helps you show your web3 track record to your audience in the best possible way. You can easily connect with others, share insights, and explore potential collaborations or job opportunities.

Today’s Problems

  • Current crypto IDs don’t get the job done. They aren’t decentralised or interoperable with other Dapps.
  • Most web3 jobs are only for the most crypto native users. Recruiters focus on big influencer accounts or highly experienced individuals because of the present lack of proper verification and communication tools available to the public.
  • As collectors we struggle to accurately convey the value of our NFTs and collections, resulting in miscommunication with our audience that further results in lost opportunities.
  • Directing attention from platforms like X to your collection, work experience and people you’ve worked with remains a serious challenge.
  • Traders encounter difficulties in both showcasing and verifying their trades and token distribution to their audience.

Such challenges can be solved by introducing a new form of verifiable ID.

Our Solution

Effortlessly introduce an overview to your audience of everything you’ve done in web3.

  • Showcase specific NFTs, entire collections and communities.
  • Display your trading history and P&L.
  • Connect multiple wallets to aggregate data from all your wallets.
  • Prove smart contracts and verify who you’ve worked with using an on-chain signature.


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Feature breakdown

Connect Multiple Wallets

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Verify contract deployer

Learn more about verifying contract deployer if you are a web3 developer.

On-chain reference

Learn more about how to let your employer/client/friend write a recommendation letter for your work

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